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VogueSanity is: Insanely Excited, Stimulated and Thrilled Through Modeling
VogueSanity Will Take You There!!

I am a Photographer of "Attractive & Exciting VogueSanity Styled Women".
I have followed many genres of photography, from Classic artistic, lugging a 4x5 view camera in the
mountains of Colorado to Combat photographer in the jungles of S.E. Asia.

But from the first, I longed to capture the mystique of Females.

Everywhere I have lived and traveled, I photographed the feminine treasures of that land.
From New York to Bangkok to Denver to Seattle to Santa Barbara to San Diego To Sydney and back
again to beloved San Diego. Paris and Madrid are on the list as well as Hawaii.

Working With Me
I pay a moderate fee to Experienced and/or Talented and/or Exciting voguesanity styled models.
But I love to work with and do "TFP" (Trade for Pics) shoots with Amateur models with little or no experience.
It's exciting to see a new model moving deeper into herself.

My shoots are a "ONE ON ONE" experience "BETWEEN MODEL & PHOTOGRAPHER".
That means No managers, No boy-friends, No girl-friends, and No companion helpers.
If you are not comfortable in a "ONE ON ONE" situation, let me know that right up front.

For Models on Model Mayhem, MM communication is fine for initial communication of info
or scheduling, but we must have direct Email hook-up, and talk or text directly by phone.
In the days leading to a shoot, we must have direct confirmation or the shoot is canceled .

Arrive at the shoot with your hair and make-up done, or at least mostly done.
Paid Models supply their own out-fits, although I have a small collection of outfits for TFP models.

My Photo Studio is located in a commercial building in Pacific Beach

If we shoot TFP to add images to your port and mine, your collaboration is needed and welcomed,
But Please Bring You VogueSanity.

If a paid shoot, come prepared to VogueWild.

Thanks for visiting VogueSanity.

Tim Drac

Contact Me Here:
For Comments, appointment or Info.

Or For Model Mayhem Members, Text me at
http://www.modelmayhem.com/2556329, on MM

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